What Loan Can You Qualify For?


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If you were to apply for a loan right now, how much would you qualify for? Many people find out the hard way that they are not qualifying for the amount that they need, or the amount that they thought they would qualify for. When applying for any type of loan, whether this is a personal loan, a consumer auto loan, mortgage, or the like, the lender is going to consider your overall credit score, income, stability, and also look at your debt ratio on your credit report.

When a lender pulls your credit, they can see if you make payments on time, how much of your credit line you are using, along with the number of accounts that you have open. Even if you have been diligent about paying on time, sometimes there are accounts on your credit report that still make you look bad, which lowers your credit score.

A typical credit score that people want to maintain is a 700 or higher. When you have this type of score, and your debt ratio is below 30% you are going you qualify for most loans and you may even get more money than what you thought! However, the majority of people are not reaching the 700 credit rating, they often have a much lower score with all the debt that they have racked up. If your ultimate goal is to get more money when you do apply for a loan, the good news is that we can help!

Get More Money Now

Credit Star Funding is a professional service to those who are looking to turn money into more money when they are applying for a loan. What do we do? We make it to where your credit score is where it should be in order to make lenders agree more easily to loan you more money. We offer a special service that we can get your credit score to 700 within six weeks in most cases!

Just how do we do this? We have several ways in which we help clients to get this type of credit score. For example:

  1. We have legal professionals that are going to go over your credit report with an eye to detail. If there are old accounts that are past their legal time frame to be on your account, we have them removed. Likewise, if there are accounts that are reporting inaccurate information, we can remedy this as well, which helps to boost your credit score.
  2. We also have the ability to hide some debt on your credit report. This way, when lenders look at your report they are not seeing as many accounts opened, which looks better on you and can help to increase the credit worthiness that the creditor assigns to you.
  3. We can also remove those debts that have been unpaid for some clients, depending on how long they have been sitting on the credit report.

With our legal team who has 25 years of experience, you can rest easy that we can make sure that your credit score is going to get you more money.

Thanks to our years in the financial industry, we know what lenders to go with that are going to give you more money based on the new credit score that you have. For example, while most people can only get a personal loan that goes up to $50,000, with the right lender from us, you may be able to go as high as $250,000. This is what it means to get more money when you work with Credit Star Funding

If you are ready to get the most out of the loan that you need, then you need to act now. Within six weeks, we can have you a credit score that will qualify you for more money on the loans that you need. And we have the connections to make this even more! What are you waiting for? Waiting means that you are losing out.

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