Very Bad Credit? Wipe it Clean in Six Weeks


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The credit score of a person affects numerous things in life, and having a bad credit score can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars during the course of your lifetime. Not only you will pay more for a home mortgage, car, insurances, utilities etc, but in many cases can affect your employment and certainly impedes your ability to get a loan and start a business. A bad credit score puts chains on your life.

These days it’s easy for most people to fall behind on their bills and end up with lower credit score. If this is the case you need an effective repair plan. This is not as easy as most people think. Credit repair companies fail 98% of the times¬† when attempting to clean a credit report report. You have to pay down balances, erase bad items and cloak debt. Easier said than done. the reason we are successful 100% of the times al cleaning even the worse credit report is because we use a proprietary and aggressive legal procedure.

100% Effective Credit Restoration Service

 Credit Star Funding provides an attorney-driven credit restoration services that can remove all bad item possibly within a six week time frame. Could take longer at times, depending on the case, but 90% of time our super expedite service gets the job done in 6 weeks. This is what what you can do to prepare.

  1. Take the time to look through your credit report and note any errors. These errors may be on the balance that you owe, notes that say you have missed payments or not made them at all, addresses that you never lived at and the like.
  2. Note all the accounts. Are there any accounts that are in your name but you did not open? Remember, identity theft is a real thing and many people are affected and never know. They often find out when they look through their credit report that someone has opened accounts in their name. You are not paying these accounts, but they negatively affect your credit.
  3. Try to pay down balances on credit cards and loans. This may be hard, but even a few extra bucks towards your balance will make a difference. For example, if you are making a minimum payment of $20, make a payment of $40.
  4. Negotiate better interest rates with your creditors so that the payments you are making are going for the principal rather than the interest. This can be hard to do. However, people who have done this often find that if they are current on payments and explain their situation, creditors are often able to work with them to lower their interest rate.
  5. Consider a personal loan to help pay down some balances and then combine this into one payment that you can afford each month.

Credit Star Funding will take over your file and our legal team will:
1. Remove all bad items.
2. Remove inquiries and accounts that don’t belong to you.
3. Remove all errors.
4. Keep the good credit that you have built.
5. Cloak debt. You still own the money but they will not show on your credit report.

This is radical and pricey but you will have a clear report that will allow you to get the loans or lines of credit your need and start brand new. They key is then to keep your credit report clean and preserve your good credit.

If you are are dealing with bad credit, you do not have to let this run your life. You have options to increase your credit score and you should use them. Whether you need to improve your credit for a job or to qualify for better loan options, we can make it happen! The key is to act now, the sooner you act, the sooner you will find that your credit score increases.

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