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When starting a business, what options do you have to get started? For those who are lucky, they may have savings that are stashed away to start their business. However, in many situations, financial professionals will advise you to not use all that you have saved. Instead, they often argue that you should use OPM to start a business. OPM stands for ‘other people’s money’. While you will have to pay it back, it is often the safer move instead of emptying out your entire bank account in order to start your business. However, how can you access OPM, meaning from a bank?

A No-Collateral Business Loan is Best

When starting a business, the best option is to get a business loan. A business loan is going to give you financial room with your own money, since you won’t be putting your savings up for the business. However, getting qualified for a business loan can be harder than what most people realize. Lenders who give business loans want to work with customers who have a great credit score, and can prove a  business can generate cash flow and stability.

Increasing your Credit Score

For many people, have to increase their credit score first before they can apply. However, it can take months and even years to get your credit score to the level that creditors are going to want for business funding. There is a better way that is going to get you OPM sooner than what you thought.

This option is working with Credit Star Funding. We have ways of increasing your credit score better and then putting you in touch with lenders that are going to give you more than what other lenders may offer with the same score. In reality, Credit Star Funding can make it possible to start your business as soon as possible so you can move your dream forward.

How Credit Scores are Increased

When you are ready to start a business and need a business loan, lenders are going to look at your credit score to determine the level of risk with you. They often look for a score of 700 or more and debt below 30% of credit available. IF you a have lower score,while you may get a loan, it will have a high interest rate and probably will not be for the full amount that you need. Credit Star Funding will get your credit score to 700 to make, tech you how to cloak or eliminate debt to make you more appealing with lenders.

We have a legal team  that is ready to fight on your behalf for the credit score that you deserve. They are going to remove some creditors from your report, based on how long they have been on the report, along with masking some of the debt that you have. This automatically helps your credit score increase. Once they do this, possibly within six weeks you are going to see that your credit score increased. Yes, that is right…only six weeks to get these types of results.

Lending Options

For those who work with Credit Star Funding for their credit repair, they are also going to  work with the selected lenders  the company recommends. We have a relationship with many lenders with different risk parameters so they can often get you a better rate and more money.

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