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When it comes to your money and your life, you deserve only the best. Credit Star Funding IS the best, and we are happy to show you why!
We can qualify you for more money with the same credit score.
We can boost your credit score before application.
There are no upfront costs. Cost you nothing to apply and try to get a loan, personal or business.

This makes things simpler, faster, and stress-free for you. Credit Star Funding is all about helping you achieve your financial goals. Not only are we a loan referral agency, but we are a financial education company that can help you learn how to make your money grow, and also how to protect it.

Need a personal loan for your real estate, start-up business, existing business, entering Forex or stock trading or personal project? We’ve got you covered! We offer no upfront cost and non-collateral funding. Are you new to the finance world and these terms? No problem, we are here to help you understand.

What is an Upfront Cost?

Upfront costs are an inconvenience and expense to the consumer and benefit only the lender. Some lenders charge an upfront fee to file and process your application. These costs take advantage of the customer’s situation.  Often, consumers don’t even know about this beforehand. They can be .5%-1% of the loan fee. That can really add up when you’re going for a significant amount. Some can be negotiable, but when you can skip this altogether, you’re the real winner.

That’s what you’ll love about Credit Star Funding–you need not worry about an upfront cost, because there is none. That’s more money in your pocket that you can put toward your future, whether it’s your business, real estate, etc. After all, when you’re happy, we’re happy.

What is Collateral Funding?

Collateral funding is when you offer an asset you own (i.e., a car, real estate, investment account, etc.) as a “security” to apply for or extend the terms of a loan. This way, if the consumer defaults, the lender can seize the collateral and “cash in” on it, so to speak, to recoup whatever losses the lender incurs. While collateral funding can secure a lower interest rate, it can be a dangerous way of financing for both parties involved. When the home is involved, and the consumer cannot make the payment, they will have a lien on their home and sometime actually lose the home.

Credit Star Funding protects its clients by offering funding with no collateral required! We are here to help our customers learn how to make their money work for them and achieve their financial goals. Don’t waste your time with anyone else. Our patented application and processing system offers the quickest answers, getting you funded faster.

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