Credit Star Funding: Get a Clean Credit Report in Six Weeks!

Credit Star Funding Credit Repair

When you look at your credit report, what do you see? Are you happy with the results? A good credit report is a start of being able to get the loan that you want, getting more money when you do take out a loan, and tons more. Many businesses before they do business with you are going to be looking at your credit report rating. When this is low, they consider you a risk and may not work with you, whether this is for personal or professional reasons. So, what can you do? There are several things that you can do right now that are meant to help get your credit report looking good.

  1. Take a look at your credit report. Are the accounts on this report all belonging to you? There could be someone out there with a similar name and birth date that is making your credit score go down because it is being reported on you. So, take the time to look through your report and ensure that all the accounts that you are dealing with are yours.
  2. Check the amounts that are said to be owed and make sure that they match what you have in hand. Too many times, large payments may not be reported as they should be, and this is affecting your overall credit rating.
  3. Check the addresses on the report to make sure that they belong to you. This is especially important for those who are divorced or for those who move frequently. Many times, a change of address can associate you with someone else, and if their credit is less than great, this affects you.

Chances are, this is not going to give you the squeaky clean credit report that you are looking for. And you may find that fighting the errors is a bit harder than you realize.

What Happens If there are Errors?

So, what should you do when there are errors on your credit report? There are several options. Some you can try to do on your own, however, those who have tried don’t succeed all the time. In fact, they succeed far less than half the time. You can argue that the creditor is not reporting something correctly or that some of this debt is not yours. However, unless you have luck on your side, chances are you are not going to make that big of a difference. So, what are your options?

Work with Credit Star Funding! With over 30 years of experience in dealing with creditors and credit scores, they have the knowledge to ensure that your credit report sees some positive changes. In fact, they offer a guarantee that they can get a credit report score to 700 in just six weeks time.  This is an amazing guarantee, and one that they stand behind, so you know you are working with a legitimate company that can get you results.

How They Get Results

Credit Star Funding works on getting your credit report to where it needs to be in order to get the loan that you desire, or even look better for a certain job that you may want. Whatever your reason for working with them, their legal team is going to get results. They are going to examine your credit report to see where errors may be present, to ensure these are corrected. These small inconsistencies can make a major impact on your score. For those who have a lot of debt, they can actually hide some of this debt so that this is not reported on your score. This alone helps to raise your score to good levels.

For those who have a credit rating that is not what they want, they may find it harder to get loans for everything in their life. However, once you work with Credit Star Funding you are going to find that not only are you going to get a better rate on these loans due to having a higher credit score, but you are going to find that you have more loan options, as you are going to be more appealing to creditors. In the end, you can get the clean credit report that you need and all within six weeks!

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