Credit Star Funding: Get a Clean Credit Report in Six Weeks!

So you have been looking at your current credit report and the numbers are not where you would like them to be.  With credit star funding get a clean credit report in six weeks. There are some steps you can take to turn things around quicker than you might realize.

Inaccuracies – The first thing to be done to get a clean credit report is to carefully check that all of the information is correct.  Start with items that should have automatically been removed.  This can be something that you paid off but wasn’t logged into the system or something that shows up when it should have aged off like missed payments that are more than seven years old.

Make sure all the accounts listed are yours.  Double-check names to be sure that someone with the same or similar name is not listed in your report. Check your personal information especially addresses.  If you have been divorced, be sure that any responsibilities that were assumed by your former spouse are no longer shown in your name.

Make Corrections – When you find one or more of these errors, don’t waste time.  Enlist the help of a company like Credit Star Funding to do the legwork and correct the errors.  After a reasonable time, look at your credit report again to be sure all the corrections were made and nothing else has happened in the meantime.

Reduce or Pay Off Balances – As quickly as possible, clear off outstanding balances especially on credit cards.  Paying off credit cards means you are also saving all those interest payments!  Pay cash (or debit card) for as much as possible and refrain from the impulse of pulling out that credit card.  If you have a mortgage payment, arrange to have it deducted from your checking account twice a month rather than once.  That gives you one extra payment a year and will help reduce the balance sooner.

Budge Adjustment – Revisiting your personal budget to see where you can economize.  Instead of eating out or take out, see what you can do in your own kitchen; you may be surprised at how much you can save.  Shop bargains and use coupons; compare prices.  Reduce your coffee consumption by only one fancy cup a day and put the extra money in a cash stash.  Postpone that vacation you have been planning.  Consider a part-time or seasonal job just to make enough to clear things up.

Small Business – If you are a small business owner and want to improve your company’s credit, keep on top of your receivables.  Careful attention to collecting what is owed to you will give you more money to pay off your own costs and build a better rating.

Timing – Find out when the credit agency updates their records and complete as much “credit repair” as possible before that time.  In that way, you will have an improved credit rating for the next reporting period and you will have a timeframe for more fixes.

Contact Credit Star Funding and their representatives will be happy to help you facilitate all of these ideas and more.  They can help with start-up business funding, small business loans, bad credit loans and more. They will review your personal records and be able to recommend the best plan of action for your circumstances!

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