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What would you do with an extra $75,000 in your bank account? Or even $250,000? Imagine being able to pay off those debts that are coming from all areas of your life, or even to afford to purchase that business that is going to lead to a change in your financial future. It may seem like a pipe dream, but it is possible with Credit Star Funding. With the right type of loan and investment your income can significantly change quite fast.

How Credit Star Funding Works

Credit Star Funding is a company offering lending, financing and attorney-driven credit restoration services. We have many years of experience in lending and financing. We built custom software systems that can sift through a large network of lenders and banks to find the one that accepts your qualifications even if marginal income and credit score and get you the best ate and term. This fast sifting is something customers cannot do themselves without severely compromising their credit score.

Why Work with Credit Star Funding?

When you are looking for a loan or a line of credit from a lender, they are going to take several things into consideration. They are going to look at your employment, income level, credit score, and debt ratio.  This is where Credit Star Funding differs. We work with all credit scores and we help you adjust all parameters before we present your case to the banks.  This significantly increases your changes to get funded and preserve your credit score at the same time.

We Can help You Increase Your Income Fast

Once you money in your hands, we can recommend high-leverage, licensed trading funds that can create a monthly income for you. This income can cover the payment and also provide you with additional monthly revenue to pay your bills  or stash away for savings.

Credit Star Funding is not just a lending entity, we are a total financial solution that can help you find extra income and even completely replace you job or corporate position.

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