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If you are interested in a career in the financial services industry and genuinely want to help people and businesses succeed, consider working as an agent for Credit Star Funding.  If you are a problem solver and understand the realities of companies and people needing funding with little or no collateral or resources, this is the job for you.

Credit Star Funding helps small businesses access the capital necessary to thrive in today’s world.  We also work with individuals and companies who are interested in continually improving their credit through positive measures designed to enhance their current and future standings.

Agents for Credit Star Funding help companies and people in the United States, Canada and Australia apply for loans and find capital financing through an online process.  Working with a large network of banks and funding institutions, we turn dreams into reality.

Our agents are entrepreneurs themselves, earning some of the highest commissions in the industry.  This can amount to $2,500 a month, or even a week or day, depending on the amount of time you dedicate to this profession, your ability to refer customers your focus to the overall operation.

We provide outstanding training so that our agents thoroughly understand the intricacies of the lending industry, can advise customers and can navigate the system efficiently.  Our company has developed application and processing systems that operate quicker and more effectively to achieve the goal of financing for our clients.  You can be a part of this exciting and fast-paced business.

As one of our agents you can help small businesses of varying sizes and types as well as individuals by explaining the credit and lending system we offer.  All you do is refer customers and we take over from there. You will not do processing other financial grunt work. With our help customers will have:

  • A greater opportunity to qualify for loans and lines of credit
  • A larger pool of funding choices
  • A solid foundation for future borrowing projects
  • The chance to improve their current credit scores both personal and business
  • The knowledge base to continue on solid financial ground in the future

Because our systems were designed to operate faster and deeper into the financial networks of banks and related financial institutions, we can get results for our clients in a more timely manner and frequently with larger sums than expected.  This results in a higher satisfaction rating from our customers, a greater willingness to cooperate from our lending pool, and greater job satisfaction for our agents.

Become an agent today. Be part of this exciting and field and company by contacting us at 800-627-8095

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