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Credit Star Funding executives have 25 years of experience in funding, credit repair, and financial business development. We are a debt-free Wyoming LLC with partner’s offices in the USA (St. Louis, Memphis, Atlanta, Carlsbad), Canada, and Australia. We build our own proprietary software and systems that give our customers a higher level of certainty when applying and make the process as fast and efficient as possible. The main concern in funding is the qualification and obtainable amount. We continue to pleasantly surprise our customers who normally become lifetime loyal. Most importantly, we are more than a funding company. We treat customers individually and solve problems.

Every person has a different credit history and financial circumstances. Every customer has a unique need and goal demanding individual attention and solutions. We help customers figure out the best funding choice for their situation, whether personal or business and open doors to improve their income and financial status. Thousands of applications are filled every month by individuals either looking to catch up on bills or finance their projects as well as entrepreneurs, business professionals, investors, Bitcoin and Forex traders looking to grow their business and make more money. They know, with Credit Star Funding, they have the best chance possible at achieving their funding and financial goals.

  • Qualify more people.
  • Offer more funding choices.
  • Provide multiple funding deposits per application.
  • Get customers more money.
  • Educate and prepare our customers for future lending options.
  • Help our customers making more money in their current business.
  • Connect our customers to platforms that help increase their financial leverage and accumulation.
  • Offer unique career opportunities for those looking for higher income and professional fulfillment.

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