87% Earn Less Than 100K a Year and Need Loans


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In today’s world, it almost seems like you can never get ahead in meeting your goals and your needs. And there is a good reason for this. Around 87% of people make less than 100K per year. This means that they are paying mortgages, cars, groceries, insurances, medical, kids, taxes, travel and accidentals on a yearly income that is no longer sufficient. When issues arise such as they need a repair on their home or their car, they are often stuck for months trying to save a little here and there in order to pay for these repairs.  There is no reason to deal with a leaky roof or have a vehicle that is not running, loans are the answer.  Credit Star Funding  reaches into a large network of banks and lenders that can you a loan even with 620 score. All lenders have different risk parameters. We can find the one for you.

How Much of an Unsecured Loan Can You Get?

The higher your credit score and income and the lower your debt ratio, the more you will get. It’s very possible that with $100k income, 700 credit score and a debt ratio below 30% you can get close to $250k if that is the amount you need. Very few lenders can do this.

Why Credit Star Funding is the Way to Go

What makes Credit Star Funding the way to go for those who need to get a loan? We are problem solvers. Most lenders give you a yes or no answer on your application. We do all the work ahead of time to qualify a person without credit hard pull, including fixing credit. We don’t submit applications that can fail. That would ruin your credit score. We won’t let that happen. This is how you get the highest amount possible with best rate and term.  Imagine having enough money to do all the repairs to your home or car or pay off some debt or star a business. We can help you from start to finish.

For those who make under $100K per year, do not despair you can still get a loan. Let us take a look at your case and we will tell you where you’re at and what needs to be done.

Overall, for those earning less than $100K per year, and face financial hard times, there is always an option with Credit Star Funding.

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