83 Million People Seek a Loan Every Year


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Every year 83 million people seek a loan. Most times is to pay debts and credit cards, secondary is to finance personal projects, home improvements, travel, start a small business, etc.  Credit Star Funding is a premier agency that helps people will all credit scores to get the best loan possible with lowest rate, and repayment terms. We are connected with a large network of lenders in the USA, Canada and Australia. No matter what your situation is we can help you.

 Personal Loan

A personal loan is just what it sounds like, it’s personal.  With a personal loan, you are using the money that you are loaned for whatever you need. You can have a secured or unsecured personal loan. If you are putting something up for collateral the interest rate will be less and term longer. Secure loans are cheaper, but you are going to need something that is of the value  in order to be approved. And even then, you often have to have good credit to be approved for a personal loan. The other option is an unsecured loan that you are simply borrowing without putting up collateral. This the way most people want to go. Unsecure loans are more expensive to generate.   Credit Star Funding searches through many many lenders to find you the best deal possible on interest rate, repayment term and loan cost.

 Personal Line of Credit

An unsecured personal line credit is more expensive than a personal loan, but you only use the money when you need it so you can control payment and term. Unsecured personal lines of credit are similar to credit cards. You need the same credit parameters as for loans. However, Credit Star Funding works with people of all types of credit scores and we can help you get a personal line of credit with a minimum score of 620 and $40k a year income. These are low parameters.

Working with Credit Star Funding Means Getting More Money

If you are looking into a personal loan or line of credit we are going to fund you up to $250,000 where most lenders will stop at $50,000. The application is super easy and you are under no obligation to take offers unless make sense for you.

If you are in the situation in which you need a personal loan for whatever reason, be sure that you are not limiting yourself to traditional lenders. With Credit Star Funding you can get the loan you are seeking fast with no hassles.

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