Why Credit Star Funding is Your Best Choice For Non Collateral Personal and Business Loans


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Credit Star Funding  is a unique application system with advanced features unlike any other online. There are hundreds of lending entities and banks online ready to take your application. They are all the same. They all require a nearly perfect credit score and little or no debt. They all pull your credit right away costing you valuable points and preventing to apply a second time with a different entity in case of denial. these are major drawbacks when applying for a loan.

Credit Star Funding has build unique custom systems that bypass normal industry routes and can get you funded fast and without the usually painful process associated with loan qualification and application.

Credit Star Funding mission is to help fund individuals, entrepreneurs and business owners even when stuck with no collateral, marginal income and credit score. We are problem solvers. We believe we have the best solution for every case, whether you are a working person or run a small business or own a large corporation. We are connected to the largest lending and banking networks in the USA, Canada, and Australia. Statistics reveal that 93% of people don’t make enough money to live debt-free, struggle with their bills and can’t build a retirement account. Also, 95% will fail in business, primarily because of a lack of capital. Imagine how your life would change if you had an extra $20,000 to $250,000 without collateral and recourse to worry about.

How would your life change if you had the funds to pay off nagging debts or buy a small business or start trading Forex or participate in a Real Estate project or make some sound investments? We can make it happen for you. No matter what your circumstances or credit score are right now, we will find a way to help you. We have a 90% funding success rate in the industry.

Proprietary Process and Patented Systems That Can Get You More Money and Better Rates

Our patented application and processing systems can reach deeper and faster into lending and banking networks than any other available system online. It works in private mode to bypass filters and online checkpoints, so we can simultaneously and effectively reach more lending institutions, get you much more money than normally would get for better rates. With Credit Star Funding, you have the following:

  • Better chance to qualify.
  • More funding choices.
  • Multiple funding deposits.
  • Preparation for future lending options.
  • Preserve your credit score during the application process.

Higher Personal Loan Limits

  • All Credit Score Accepted
  • Unsecured Personal Loans
  • Unsecured Personal Lines of Credit
  • No Upfront Cost, No Obligation

Non-collateral loans are most times limited to $50,000 even if you have a good credit score. We can get you up to $250,000. Credit Star Funding’s patented systems can potentially get you five times more money than you normally would with the same qualifications and documentation.

Six Business Funding Choices

Credit Star Funding can help fund both small and big businesses. Business funding comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find out which of the six options is best for you.

  • Business loans up to $500,000
  • Short -term loan
  • Long-term loans
  • Merchant cash advance
  • Business Lines of Credit up to $150,000
  • Corporate Revenue-Based Funding up to $6,000,000 and more depending on the case.

After you open a free customer account, you have the choice of several applications and qualifications to fit the size funding you need. And of course, a business funding specialist will be available to discuss your best choice and guide you through the process.

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